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I do wonder about some things, because I am a "know it most" rather than a "know it all."

Why do people buy toyotas when a realota only costs a few dollars more. And an iota just costs a few cents
Why do people like suebaru so much? Sue Baru is a bitch, Mary Baru is much nicer.
I know what lives in a domicile. What, pray tell, lives in an imbecile.
What makes a bug so comfortable in a rug? It would seem that a bug in a mattress would be snugger.
Who is the damn fool who created rifles for squirrels?
Why would anyone want to con a sewer? Or to be a con a sewer?
Why do folks praise wine snobs, but react strangely when I say that I am a salt snob?
Why are incompetent murderers rewarded? As in being charged with attempted murder, then given a lesser punishment?
Who the hell are the "They" who seem to decide everything?
Why aren't a lizard and a buzzard related?
Who is the first man who ate an oyster. I mean, it looks like it fell out of the nose of an ox. Tasty though.
What happened to the "Seven Words You Can't Say on Television?"

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I thank you for commenting, but I don't understand your meaning. Please advert.
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